Skate Doctor - Professional Skate Sharpening & Repairs

Please select an appointment type to make a booking (if you need to select more than one type of appointment, please make separate bookings). We strive to maintain your appointment time, but please be advised that we may be running slightly ahead or behind schedule. If you are late for your appointment, your time-slot will be lost and you may be placed into the regular walk-in queue. A missed appointment will result in not being permitted to schedule future appointments.

Skate Sharpening - Hockey, Goalie or Figure

Get your hockey, goalie or figure skates sharpened while you wait. Please allow ~15 minutes per pair.

(15 minutes)

Skate Blade Profiling (Drop-Off)

Drop off your skates to have them profiled. Profiling is typically completed outside of regular business hours and may take 24-48 hours to complete depending on workload.

(15 minutes)

Repairs - Skate or Equipment (Drop-Off)

Drop off your skates or equipment to have them repaired. Amount of time required to complete your repair varies and will depend on the work required.

(15 minutes)

Skate Baking (Heat Fitting)

Get your skates baked / heat fitted. Please remember to bring a clean pair of skate socks (even if you skate barefoot). You will be unable to use your skates for up to 24-hours after baking, depending on brand/model.

(30 minutes)

Skate Blade Holder Alignment/Shimming (Drop-Off)

Drop off your skates to have them aligned/shimmed. Amount of time required to complete your work order varies and will depend on the work required. Note that we need to see the player in their skates at time of skate drop-off and pick-up for all alignment/shimming services.

(1 hour)

Equipment Washing (Drop-Off)

Drop off your equipment for washing. The turn-around time for equipment washing ranges between 2-4 business days. Contact us at for more information and before dropping off equipment.

(15 minutes)

Jersey/Apparel Consultation

Meet with us to discuss sports team jersey and apparel orders, or corporate, school or event apparel.

(30 minutes)